Events Encounters and other tables

This is the place where I will list all the tables I will be using for the game, including (so far):
  • Events
  • Detection
  • Hirelings
The Traveller solo weekly flowchart I am using has the following activities.  For each activity, I will explain the mechanism.

Buy and Sell Cargo
For the ship I have currently there is 27t of cargo space, and so will use Classic Traveller.  If I get a ship with larger cargo holds I will go with MegaTraveller.  I will also modify some of the trade classification DMs based on the planetary area (e.g. Rural, Colony, Military - see the Marlene Subsector page for details) you buy/sell from.  Possibly simple a bonus if you are in an area that matches the type of goods.  I will create this as I go; so far have:
Rural: equivalent to Ag trade code.  Buying and selling in Rural is equivalent to Ag modifiers.  Can only buy goods for first die roll 1 and 3 (using CT cargo tables).

Buy/Sell Equipment
If equipment is required, or needs to be sold, I will have to figure this out. I think buying is handled quite well on the flowchart - you don't always get the opportunity.  Selling may be at at 40% of cost, +10% for broker or streetwise or equivalent.

Encounters are meeting groups of people.  I am using the encounter table from MegaTraveller (almost the same as CT) and rolling for reaction as per CT.

I am randomly selecting a patron from the following 5 books: 76 Patrons, Patron Encounters, 21 Plots, 21 Plots Too and Planetside: 21 Plots and then using Rory's Story cubes to generate the action.

Hear Rumour
This gives a +1 to the next Cargo or Patron roll.

As you travel from one area to another, you may be detected and then must undergo an event.  Based on Star Smuggler.

To be detected when entering a region.
Routine, (no caution, fateful)
Referee. Success indicates an event has occured.  Roll on event table.

Entering using foot or commercial travel increases difficulty one level.
Using Ships Boats or Starships decreases difficulty one level.
Entering a space Station increases difficulty one level.
Entering Rough, craters, gas giant orbit or an asteroid belt increases difficulty by one level.
Entering a Military or Palace region decreases difficulty by one level.
DM +1 is TL11-12.
DM -1 if TL7-8.
DM +law level/5 (drop fractions)

31 Aug 2012 Note:  Detection was determined using a 1d6 roll and a table very similar to Star Smuggler detection.  Replaced on 31 Aug 2012 with a task based detection.

Events are special events that may occur.  Following is the Events table I am using for the game.  It is based on world areas. If detected, an event occurs.  I will expand on the events as they are rolled, rather than start off with documenting in detail every event.  Some are from the Solo flowchart, some are some Star Smuggler.  I have not gone into specific events for each world (yet). Those underlined are expanded further down the page.

     City                  Colony
1    Hit by vehicle        Customs
2    Held up               Held up
3    Meet NPC              Meet NPC
4    Legal encounter       Sabotage/Theft
5    small time Gamble     map - area no detect
6    illegal goods         illegal goods

     Craters               Gambling
1    radioactivity etc     hitman
2    damage suits          high stakes gambling
3    find damaged goods    meet NPC
4    find damaged robots   rare goods offer
5    find damaged wpns     small time gamble    
6    attacked              illegal goods

     Industrial            Military
1    union roadblock       trap
2    ind. Spy - buy/sell   vehicle trap
3    anti-robot cult       patrol attack
4    smoke etc             vehicle attack
5    search office opp.    search office opp.
6    buy indus. item       opp. military buy secret

     Mining                Palace
1    union roadblock       trap    
2    robot caravan         royal party passes    
3    paid companion        can sell art, clothing etc    
4    empty mine            attempt arrest if stay    
5    guards attack         bribe palace contact    
6    bulk goods offer      bribe palace contact   

     Religious             Rough    
1    transport  fanatics   vents, etc
2    social error          wrecked equipment
3    asked for donation    stumble on secret
4    roadblock             animal encounter
5    animal encounter      animal encounter
6    waste 1 day           lost

     Rural                 Scientific    
1    bootlegger (buy)      police arrest
2    robot caravan         search lab
3    Meet NPC              No event
4    map - area no detect  smoke etc
5    animal encounter      search lab
6    buy exotic foods      buy/sell scient. item

     Spaceport             Spacestation    
1    Customs               Customs
2    Held up               Customs
3    Meet NPC              Meet NPC
4    Customs               Spy - buy/sell govt secret
5    bribe:area no detect  bribe - area no detect
6    Held up               bribe - area no detect

For space encounters, I use the MegaTraveller space encounters (roll for chance in the as per Encounters in the Referees Manual, and then the actual ships are found in the Imperial Encyclopedia.

Held up
(based on Star Smuggler).
If 4 or more in the party then this event is a pickpocket.  Else two people try and hold you up and take all your money and possessions. If you decide to fight, roll for a routine surprise attack (with them as the attacker) at short range.  One will have a pistol of the tech level, the other a rifle.  To randomise credits lost roll 1d6 x 5 x social standing.  To randomise replacing lost items if no specific items are associated with the character (weapons etc) then roll to see cost to replace items:  1d6 x 20 x social standing.
Pickpocketed: Roll 1d6/3 rounded down.  This is how many of the party are pickpocketed.  Roll randomly for the character.  Items to the value of Cr1d6x100 are gone.  If a character has a special item (gem, map, small pistol etc), then there is a 33% chance it was taken instead of monetary loss.  To detect pickpocketer is a difficult task.

Meet NPC
For the region the event occurred in, use Mongoose Traveller 760 Patrons to narrow down potential NPCs types (e.f. Rural region are Citizen 'patrons') and go with what is rolled.  A lot of the patrons in 760 patrons are more events than patrons, so will try this out.  And if it is a decent patron, then could start an adventure.

Ignore if you are not coming or going from off planet/station.  Otherwise you are treated to a customs inspection.  If you have a ship or vehicles, they will be searched.  If there is any illegal or known stolen goods, they are found and confiscated. If any is wanted in this system, this is discovered (wanted in other systems is ignored) and the person is taken to jail and put through the justice system. Roll a 1d6 to see if duties need to be paid, determined by cargo type:
1 Any vehicles - d6*Cr100 per vehicle, including starships. Applicable to cargo and non-cargo.
2 Robots, electronic or mechanical parts (or 6x on the cargo table)- d6*Cr50 per robot and d6*Cr50 per ton
3 Any ores or minerals (2x on the cargo table) at d6*Cr10 per ton.
4 Fruit and Animal products (mostly 3x on cargo table) at d6*Cr10 per ton.
5 The party is being picked on - pay 1d6*Cr100 in unspecified duties.
6 Cargo impounded for a week; if no cargo, then treat as 5.

If you wish to fight your way out then there are the same number of inspectors as your party +1d6, and armed.
You may try a Difficult Bribery task but if failed, duties are multiplied by 5!

As an Optional action, you can search to hire someone.

To find someone worthy of hiring.
Routine, (no caution). 1 week.
-2 population less than 6
+2 in main area for that employee type (e.g. Navy character in a starport)
The potential employee is also limited by the area you are in e.g. No Naval personnel in Rural areas.   I'll build this up as I do it.
Success give someone with a least skill level 1.
Exceptional success (+3 or more) has someone with at least skill level 3.
Referee. Must preselect the type of employee looking for from the table below.

3 January 2013 Note:  Hireling was a 2d6 roll with roll low good, now converted to a MT task roll.

These are the types of employees that may want to be hired.  The list is not complete.  It loosely maps skills looking for to character types (numbered - see list below) so I can randomly use 1001 Characters to get someone.
Bodyguard: 2, 3, 7, 14, 15, 16, 18
Pilot: 1, 4, 13, 14, 15
Ship's boat: 1, 2, 4, 5, 13
Ship engineer: 1, 4, 13, 14, 15, possibly 2
Mechanic: 2, 3, 5, 6
Steward: 13, possibly 1
Ships Gunner: 1, 2, 4, 13, 14, 15
Vehicle Driver: 3, 7, 16, 17, possibly 2, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11
Medic: 8, possibly 1, 2, 3, 4,13, 14, 15
[others added as I need them]

For reference, the list of MegaTraveller character types (and CT equivalent if required for 1001 Characters and Citizens of the Imperium for random selection).
  1. Navy
  2. Marines
  3. Army
  4. Scouts
  5. Flyers
  6. Sailors (Surface Navy)
  7. Law Enforcers (no equivalent in CT)
  8. Doctors
  9. Diplomats
  10. Bureaucrats
  11. Scientists
  12. Nobles
  13. Merchants
  14. Belters
  15. Pirates
  16. Rogues
  17. Hunters
  18. Barbarians
Weekly expenses/checklist
I am building this as I go.

Personal expenses as per MgT, based on social standing.
Berthing fees - Cr150 first week, Cr150 per day thereafter.
Staterooms: Cr2000 per person per occupied stateroom.
Fuel: Cr500 refined per ton, Cr100 unrefined per ton.
Crew salaries.  

Every 4 weeks
Starship maintenance: Not at Home is Cr6000 +1d6x1000.  d6 = double (ie. 24,000). Labour excluded.

Annual maintenance: Not at Home is Cr20,000. Labour excluded.

Planetary Events: I am using the table from  T4 Pocket Empires, roll monthly for a chance (10+ on 2d6) of a planetary event in the subsector.


  1. As the author of the solo system flowchart, it's great to see it being used by someone else, so I can see how it works 'out in the field'. I like the other expansions that you've done (I've got Star Smuggler as well)and will be using some of them. I'm just restarting my solo Traveller game after some years(featuring the Free Trader "No Strings Attached"). Reading this blog with interest and really enjoying it.

    1. The flowchart, although I've only had an opportunity to use it a few times so far, works really well. Enough randomisation to make each week very different. My game is unlikely to be too combat heavy so the healing bit will not really get a workout, and the buy/sell equipment section hasn't come into its own in this game as it does not really centre around lack of equipment (not yet anyway!). The flow charts fits in perfectly with the solo campaign I am running. Thanks for publishing it. I have a spreadsheet that auto-generates the week and the encounters/events etc that may come up as a result of the flowchart results.

  2. Sorry, the above comment from me. Didn't log in properly.

  3. I like the use of the Star Smuggler area system; perhaps you should add a few more (Water (surface), Water (submerged), and Atmospheric (for all those flying cities etc.)

    1. Hmm, I will think on that - those three actually sound very useful.

      The areas have not come into there own yet, but have proven useful once so far. And they are a simple way to map a planet out.

  4. I'd like to see the spreadsheet. As for using the SS Area system to map the planet - why didn't I think of that years ago! (Doh). How are you handling movement between Areas in term of time? Are you just checking for an Encounter when you go into a new area, or are you using a form of SS "Land Steps"?

  5. I am playing pretty free with time between areas and not really tracking it. I would if they were on foot or that the adventure required me to track time. Otherwise, if it is only going to be a day or so I don't need to know. The flowchart focuses more on weekly events, while Star Smuggler was tracking every hour in 10 hour days. I decided not to go down the Star Smuggler route for tracking time (unless, again, the adventure in train seemed to call for it). I check for an event every time they enter an area. I use the detection as per Star Smuggler (but converted into a MegaTraveller task) to check for the chance of the encounter.

    I have thought about mapping out the planet areas as per Star Smuggler and may do so one day. I have not really needed to yet, and I cannot seem to get the enthusiasm to do it yet either!

  6. I experimented years ago with mapping out the planet as per SS but found it was difficult to do and, frankly, my players didn't care, so I abandoned the idea. I might try designing a 'generic' travel time based on the mode of travel and the planet size. I like the idea of using the SS areas as they give the PC's something to focus on (otherwise you get the situation "go to the planet Sardis and find one particular man".) At least, if they find out the guy's an archaeologist, then they can head for the strange ruins on the northern continent, where he's most likely to be.
    I adapted the solo flowchart for many RPG's over the years, but Traveller seems to be the one it always works best for. I like your use of the Story Cubes; I don't have a set but I think I'll invest in the basic one.

  7. When you get around to Trade, I've got a MegaTraveller Trade variant you may find more amenable to solo use than the book rules...

    There's a bunch of good ideas here. I need to find the time to mine them :)

    1. Thanks for the link Don. I have downloaded it and will have a look through it in the next few months. I am working on the next adventure so I do not require any trading for a while.