The characters

Details so far for:
  • Trak Davenport (lead character)
  • ScoutShip Not at Home (on loan to Trak)
Trak Davenport

Pilot-3, Vacc Suit-2, Carousing-2, Engineering-1, Navigation-1, Communications-1, Grav Vehicle-1, Medical-1, Combat Rifleman-1, Streetwise-1, Gun Combat-0, Computer-0
Scout, 4 terms. Scout Ship (on loan), Cr80,000
Home planet: Easan is the Marlene Sub-sector: UWP A777967- C

For the UPP, I rolled 3 dice and picked the best two.  I did not cheat, and got good rolls and a few improvements in mustering out.
I used the basic scout generation system from MegaTraveller with a minor change - Scouts can be commissioned and promoted - dice rolls to do so is the same as flyers.  Scouts then only get 1 skill per term, not two.  I also piked a skill table and rolled two dice and selected the skill from the two dice rolls.  I wanted a little randomness, and a little control.

Jem Narvik ex-merchant (1001 characters merchant number 13):
Captain  7699A6     Age 38   5 terms      Cr50,000
Pilot-1, Bribery-2, Medic-2, Mechanical-1, Navigation-1, Gunnery-2, Computer-0, Wheeled Vehicle-0, Gun-Combat-0, Vacc Suit-0
Hired by Trak in 1112.

Scoutship Not at Home
The Scoutship on loan to Trak as at 001-1112. It is an old one and will be subject to minor breakdowns all the time (forcing Trak to find money). I am using the Tech 11 version from The Dean Files.  I remember Rob posting his designs way back when I subscribed to the TML.

Annual maintenance is due 001-1113. 1/1000th seems like very little for maintenance per year (on Cr20M this would be Cr20,000 per year.  So I will make it higher, and also to account for the age of the ship: Cr120,000 per year, Cr240,000 with labor.  I will also do, as per MgT, spread it out over 12 months so that is Cr10,000 per month or Cr2500 per week for the budget. And still a Cr20,000 annual maintenance! This will force Drak to keep looking for money.  I will add an element of randomisation and make it Cr6,000 per 4 weeks +1d6x1,000 with a 6 being it doubles entirely.  Regardless, I will check for breakdown each month. The chance of a breakdown of something in the ship is 1 in 36 per 4 weeks.  I will roll for component (likely from the MT Starship Operations Manual table) and then for damage level.

Important Bits
Scoutship 100 tons, TL 11
Maneuver=2, Jump=2,
1 dual turret with Missile and Sandcaster
4 Staterooms
30t fuel (1 jump-2 + 30 days), fuel scoop
27t cargo
1 TL 11 Air Raft
Ship's locker stuff (will detail it if I need it).


  1. While it is your game I have to say I feel like you totally Timmied the character. I mean three dice and take the two best. Tsk, tsk, sir. :)

    Two. that is one seriously nice cargo hold on that ship! 27 tons out of 100, damn!

    And last man I want to play in your games if you are so lenient. I hope that all these cheese is due to it being a solo campaign. Otherwise, no lie I feel that you are perverting the thing that makes Traveller great, play what you got kid, life ain't fair. But then I am a crab ass oldster from back in the day when that was how all games were made.

    No matter what though, I am looking forward to watching how this turns out and is getting me closer to testing my Permatic Imperium by solo play as well.

    Good luck and good Travelling, spacefarer!

  2. I did not expect the rolls to go so well but kept them. If I knew I was going to roll well, I would have rolled two :-) I did not want him to die off in the first few months of the campaign. If I had started with a part of characters, I think I would have just rolled two dice. For all the other members of the party, they will come straight out of 1001 Characters/Citizens of the Imperium, so will be more balanced. And once there are more members to the party, I will not feel so bad if Trak is gone. Trak is the start to get the campaign rolling, but I have no idea if he will stay the main character.

    I thought a scoutship would only have a few toms of cargo space free, but the Rob Dean design has lots of cargo space, so I did not complain. I upped annual maintenance a lot to compensate. Strangely enough, never really ran much cargo in any of the games we played way back when, so trading is a new experience for me.

    I am a crabby oldster too, but not as crabby as you ;-) No one I played with liked crap characters, so we never played with them. I am hoping that the patron jobs and some events when played out will prove to be challenging to the characters. At the moment it is like real life for them (not much happening).

  3. When I used to play AD&D it was with a low-fantasy ultra strict DM, very detailed; when I DM'd I went down the high fantasy route: talk me into letting you do something and off you go-at a cost. Fun is allowed!