Saturday, August 4, 2012

Introduction to the blog

This post is really the first one to open up the blog.  A lot of the background, subsector map etc should be via pages or links within pages.  The blog posts themselves will generally be discussions on mechanics and also the actual adventure.

Why am I doing this?
 I used to participate and GM Traveller games form around 1982 until 1988 and them a couple of games sessions in 1997.  That is it and about the sum of my RPG experience.  But I really like Traveller.  I have lots of stuff collected over the last 25 years.  I don't have too much free time and the free time I do have I am trying doing historical miniature games (my other blog).  But I find I have odd free time her and there that lends itself to other pursuits. I last played Star Smuggler in the 80s and enjoyed it.  I thought that would be a good game to fill in the time.  I started looking at it and then saw a post on the Solo Gaming yahoo list  on ideas for Solo Traveller.  Star Smuggler is Traveller-like and so I started thinking about how I could use some Traveller stuff into Star Smuggler.  But then I realised that solo Traveller was potentially an option and have moved away (mostly) from combining the two.  So Solo Traveller it is!

What is the aim
I have spent the last two months researching to Solo Traveller - looking at blogs and various fourms for ideas and things that worked and did not.  With limited time, my aim is to reuse mechanics as much as possible and not have to invent stuff.  I also like to have a fair idea of what I will be using during the campaign, but am not adverse to dropping stuff that is not working and start using something else.  My broad aim is to start with a single character, their spaceship and journey through a subsector collecting crew/additional party members and participating in a number of adventures that somehow interlink into a wider overall theme.

How? Or what I am using?
I have looked into a lot of different tools and have finalised some but still up in the air about others.  But I am nearly ready to start.  I will provide a bit more detail in a subsequent post about what resources, rules etc I am planning to use but for a start here is a short list:
  • The Traveller rules are MegaTraveller (but not the setting)
  • Combat is likely to be a combo of Azhanti High Lightning and THW Larger than Life
  • Classic Traveller cargo for incidental cargos.
  • The Traveller Solo flowchart
  • A subsector set in the GlimmerDrift Reaches but non-canon.
  • On the worlds, I have borrowed the concept from Star Smuggler of having different regions (City, Crater, Rural, Colony) and created an d6 events for each region.
  • Start with one character and one scout ship.
  • 76 patrons/Patron Encounters/21 Plots for patron encounters
  • 1001 Characters and Citizens of the Imperium for NPCs
  • Rory Story Cubes to help play out the patron encounters.
  • A little bit of T4 Pocket Empires to generate some subsector and world events
 I will go into a lot more detail in the next post on how I plan to use all of these things, and possibly all the things I decided not to use (such as Mythic).   Then I will start!

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